22 December 2011

Ready for Ballet


17 December 2006

Basia Trying to Say "Serek"!

Provost Drive with PA Visitors

10 December 2006

Ivy and Rice

St. Mary's Nemacolin 1955

Before the Wedding; Jerry and Richard

Diaz Avenue #67; weido House in background; Nemacolin  Posted by Picasa

Sisters on the Sidewalk

Mary and Emma

Sonny Brown and Lonnie in Azirona circa 1954

Hey Cisco, Let  Posted by Picasa

Mary Ann George-Crackovich

Lonnie with Parents and Mary ann george-Crackovich  Posted by Picasa

Hopalong Cassidy

nemacolin House #67

Basia's Sister

  Posted by Picasa

I count seven candles! 809 Provost Drive, OTTAWA

Delilah looks hungry!  Posted by Picasa

Trouble Makers at the Soviet Embassy 1980

Michelina at the Winter Palace  Posted by Picasa

The MOUSE circa 1981

M-I-C-K-E-Y . . .   Posted by Picasa

09 December 2006

Crackovich: Joe Jr., Sr and John Roberts

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Drzewczynki and Eddie

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Nice Dress!

Lonnie or Ignace and sometimes "Stinky"  Posted by Picasa

Ignace and Father in Aunt Vi's Yard, Nemacolin circa 1948

Lonnie and Father in Nemacolin  

Robert Morris College Faculty Card Photo, 1971

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03 December 2006

Slovakia Roots

Map of the Province of Spis in Slovakia

02 December 2006

Surprised Two-year Old!!

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J. Harry Johnston

J. Harry Johnston; Uniontown, PA

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ELM 1959

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Crackovich Grave, New Salem, PA

26 November 2006

The Wall Goes on Forever

Ocean City, Maryland

Adz and Tadeusz in the Snow

Lonek Roger

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Brasilia 1966

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25 November 2006

Feathers and Cake again!

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Cake 1974

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